Catholic Devotions


The Rosary

             Monday: Nativity of the Lord, 8am

St. Paul, 5:30pm

             Tuesday: St Augustine, 7:55am

             Wednesday: St Veronica, 8am

             Thursday: Immaculate Conception, 6:30am

Friday: St Paul, 8am

Saturday: St Augustine, 7:55am

Eucharistic Adoration

Thursday: Immaculate Conception, after 7am Mass through Friday, before 7am Mass

       St Paul, 5:30pm

The Litany to St Joseph

Wednesday: St Veronica, during 8:30am Mass

Mother of Perpetual Help

Friday: St Paul, 9am after the 8:30am Mass

Daily rosaries before Mass

Monday – Nativity of the Lord: 8:00 am

Tuesday – St. Augustine: 7:55 am

Wednesday – St. Veronica: 8:00 am

Thursday – Immaculate Conception: 6:30 am

Friday – St. Paul: 8:00 am

Saturday – St. Augustine: 7:55 am