11th week in Ordinary Time

Liturgy links

Tuesday:  Daily Mass 9:00  https://youtu.be/RXRZTv5srGA

               Adoration  5:30 https://youtu.be/-56qredR6TU
Wednesday:  Daily Mass 9:00  https://youtu.be/GPl160sJ_2c
                    Adoration: 5:30 https://youtu.be/LyHGTDTtUpw
Thursday:  Daily Mass: 9:00  https://youtu.be/m2_IMDm6Dh8
                Rosary: 5:30 https://youtu.be/ti24Mlr9h3Y
Friday:      Daily Mass: 9:00  https://youtu.be/n69ZtAHJqgA
Saturday:  Contemplation: 9:00  https://youtu.be/PA2lGHIJrxk
                 Mass: 4:00  https://youtu.be/dMBTP72DgP8

Tenth week in Ordinary Time Liturgy Links


Here are the links for this week liturgy:

Tuesday:  Daily Mass 9:00:  https://youtu.be/yhDQ7ODD11A

               Adoration 5:30 pm:  https://youtu.be/6bHN7RC55As
Wednesday:  Daily mass 9:00  https://youtu.be/GqPIs-5CQNc
                    Adoration 5:30  https://youtu.be/Lrev3qBqb6w
Thursday      Daily Mass 9:00: https://youtu.be/nUFtMweuWIE
                    Rosary 5:30: https://youtu.be/nUFtMweuWIE
Friday           Daily Mass 9:00: https://youtu.be/fBKs_oQcuWw
Saturday    Contemplation 9:00: https://youtu.be/6hxCexIvM0c
                 Mass 4:00: https://youtu.be/O772SIeiTY4

Stewardship – Parish support

Dear sisters and brothers,
Hope you are safe and healthy. I request to consider continuing your support of our parish community during these difficult times. I understand that not everyone can afford to help, but if you can, please send your weekly/monthly contribution to the parish. Our parish office is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Let us stay together in prayer.

St Paul Parish Centennial Celebration

Save the Date! 

St Paul Parish Centennial Celebration
Sunday, June 28 th , 2020 Mass at 10:00 A.M.

Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki
Pastor: Arul Ponnaiyan

Catered Lunch after Mass
Plan on attending Centennial Celebration
More information will follow.