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 Parish Council
Fr. Arul Ponnaiyan
 Mary Bahr Schwenke
Sharon Tomski
 Pat Ebeling
Thomas Webster
 Steven Turinske
Kathy Butch
  Diane Henschke
Barbara Budzinski
James Perszyk
Stephen Kotecki


Mary Bahr Schwenke- (Trustee Secretary)


I am honored to serve as a member of the Pastoral and Finance Councils in the role of Trustee Treasurer.  The Councils represent the members of the parish to plan and guide its growth.  As a group, we plan and clarify parish priorities with vision for the future. I also assist with leading the Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW), serve as a greeter and a Eucharistic Minister at St. Paul Parish.  

I love offering an interactive experience for the children by providing a simpler gospel message during CLOW to help the children of the parish grow in their faith. Serving as a Eucharistic Minister has deepened my understanding of the real presence of Jesus Christ in the bread and wine.

My family lends a hand wherever there is a need. We are drawn to the warm, close knit family that is St. Paul Catholic Church, the community that is rooted in growing faith and the sharing of Catholic values. 

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Sharon Tomski – (Secretary)



I am serving on the St. Paul Parish Council for the second time in two decades. I have lived in the community for over 20 years with my husband, Joel, and our five children. Our children started school at St. Paul grade school and received their sacraments here. At various times I have served on the school advisory board, as part of the RCIA team, Teacher Enrichment\Committee, and as a lector and Eucharistic Minister.

Walking through the doors at St. Paul makes me feel like I am at home. The parish community is friendly and welcoming, and my friends here have helped me celebrate happy moments and comforted me during sad times. There is no better place to worship together!

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Patricia Ebeling – (Human Concerns)

My name is Patricia Ebeling. I have been a member of St. Paul for 4 years. I am on the Parish Council as a liaison between the Human Concerns ministry and the council. I also serve as part of the Bereavement ministry. There is one thing I do for St. Paul’s that I truly love doing! I am a Eucharistic Minister every Saturday and many Sundays.

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Thomas Webster – (Trustee Secretary)


I have been member at St Paul’s since 1972. For the last 5 years and till the present I have served as Trustee Secretary, Building and Grounds, Parish Picnic, and on the Corn Fest Committees, that raises money for the parish and foster our fellowship with each other.

My wife Mary and I are Eucharistic Ministers; we lead the rosary and help with sacristan set up for Holy Hour with the deacon and pick up supplies. We love severing the Lord and our parish family and have received many blessings from them in return.

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Steven Turinske


I am some what similar to the prodigal son story, where I had left Catholicism at a very young age to pursue other aspects in my life. Unexpectedly, decades later, from a trip to Rome, Italy and the influence of a neighbor, my faith was reawakening, and I found myself back in the church.

I joined Saint Veronica and shortly there after was confirmed, then humbly served as a Eucharist minister. For the past two years I have been attending Saint Paul; a parish that I connect spiritually in which I hope to provide guidance in the path of our faith. I serve the pastoral council and liaison to the building and grounds ministry.

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Kathy Butch – (School Advisor Committee-Chair & Christian Formation)

I’m Kathy Butch. I’ve lived in Milwaukee since 1985 when I moved into my husband’s home near the airport.  He passed in 1992 of cancer and I continue to live in the home he bought us.  I have a step daughter named Veronica who lives near Denver and (unexpectedly) support 3 cats (Dana, Darcy and Tommy).  Although I’m a firm believer you shouldn’t have more animals than you have hands to pet them with (a good rule if you which to avoid the crazy cat lady tag), when Tommy (a stray who’d lived outdoor for at least a year) ran into my basement on a wild winter day, I couldn’t ignore his need for a home.

 I’ve been a member of St. Paul’s parish since 2015.  I serve on the Parish Council and liaison to St. Thomas Aquinas (STAA) School and a member of the school Board. STAA’s focus will be to strengthen the relationship between the school and all the parishes that support it. 

I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and beginning this fall will be organizing an active prayer group at St. Paul’s which will meet regularly. If you are someone interesting in praying regularly with myself and others for the good of all, please let me know through the parish office.

My hope is that through the use of prayer and getting to know each other and our neighbors, I believe we can better accomplish the mission given to us by Jesus to “love one another as I have loved you.”

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Diane Henschke – (Christian Formation)  

My name is Diane Henschke and I became a member of St. Paul’s parish two months before I was born! My parents moved here in October of 1953, I was born in December of ’53 and attended St. Paul grade school for all 8 years before moving on to Fritsche Junior High and then Bay View High. My parents were very active in the church life-my father was an usher, a member of the Holy Name Society, and a finance committee member. My Mom volunteered for quite a few “jobs” related to church and school. She helped out in the kitchen, was a playground and cafeteria monitor, and was a member of our school’s PTA and a member of the Christian Mothers Association. I also have an older brother and sister who completed their grade school years here at St. Paul.

Although I am not as active of a member as I would like to be due to a few physical limitations, I am now a member of the Parish and I have also joined the Christian Formation Ministry. I do look forward to the future meetings of both ministries so that all of us together can work toward a spiritually rich, enlightening, and welcoming community here at St. Paul. Please know that you don’t need to be a member of a ministry to promote the spirituality, fellowship, friendliness, and blessed leadership of Fr. Arul that we have here at our parish church. We can ALL work as a team to keep our parish vibrant and strong!

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Hi, I’m Barb Budzinski (Barbara Jean)-Council Chair

I’m the third born of seven from the Larry Fischer Family.  My wonderful Father passed away in 2015 and now I take my Mother, June, to the 8:15 Sunday service.  I am a Lector, so occasionally we will attend the Saturday service. 

On April 15, 1988 I married John Budzinski.  We have a daughter, Julie Marie (23) and Nathan James (18).  Julie is married to Josue Sanabria and they have two children Josuesito (little Josue) (2) and Eva who will be 1 in October.  

I’ve been a member for a long time.  I Lector, am a pastoral Council member, and just became part of Christian Formation.  I like the traditional ways of St. Paul’s and how friendly and welcoming everyone is.  I would like to see a way to get the youth more involved with coming to Church.  My husband and children do not attend.  I keep inviting and maybe someday they will come. They do attend special occasions.  The youth seem to lack interest.  That is the main thing I would like to focus on for the future of St. Paul’s.  More Youth involvement!

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Jim Perszyk, (liaison to Finance Council)


Hello. My name is Jim Perszyk. I am a new member of the Parish Council and representative to the finance council. I have been a member of St Paul for 50 years. I graduated from St Paul grade school and was married to Barb at St Paul. My children (Jaime and Matthew) also attended school at St Paul and graduated from St Thomas Aquinas Academy. I am a machinist and have worked full time at Advance Screw Products for 38 years. I am looking forward to this opportunity.

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Stephen Kotecki

I began attending St. Paul Parish in 1975 and got involved immediately with the annual Parish Festival. One meets many parishioners very rapidly in that way. Before I knew it, other ministry activities in the parish were being placed before me. I became a Lector and soon thereafter a Eucharistic Minister.

With the advent of children, soon the parish school became my center of activity in the parish. I served the Home and School Association as treasurer and later president during this time I was elected to St. Paul Parish’s first Parish Council in 1984. I was also a member of the St. Paul Parish Buildings and Grounds Committee. I became involved with the St. Paul Parish Holy Name Society serving the organization as Secretary, Vice President and Treasurer over the pass years.

With respect to youth sports at St. Paul Parish, I served as head coach of the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades football teams and 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades boys’ basketball teams when our team excelled to several championships. I was also involved in the St. Paul Parish Cub Scout Pack as a fund – raising chairman for several years. I am a full member of the St. Paul Parish St. Vincent de Paul Society serving the poor in the Archdiocese.

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